HKI Online

HKI Industrial Association of House, Heating and Kitchen Technology represents the interests of two sectors. On the one hand, these are the manufacturers of catering equipment, and on the other hand, the manufacturers of domestic heating and cooking appliances.

Currently, around 230 members trust in the services of the association. Their 65 thousand employees generate an annual turnover of 12.4 billion euros. 

Both groups of manufacturers are organised in separate departments. And these in turn are subdivided into sub-departments.

You can find more information on the Department of Catering Equipment here.

To go to the Department of Heating and Cooking Appliances, click here.

HKI offers all the services that other industry associations also provide, statistics, representation of interests (nationally, at European level and in some cases even outside Europe), trade fair policy and the like. However, the focus is a little more technical than with other associations.

This is because we are also responsible for an external standards committee of DIN - Deutsches Institut für Normung e. V. (German Institute for Standardisation). This means that we have relatively far-reaching influence on the relevant standards and their development process, while maintaining with all the requirements that a DIN standard must meet. You can find out why standards enjoy such a high status at HKI here in the topic portal.  

Furthermore, one of our central activities is the monitoring of the relevant regulatory requirements that are imposed on the products represented by HKI. The team at the office observes and, where sensible and possible, influences the legislative processes in Berlin and Brussels in the interests of its members. In this way, the association is always able to keep its companies up to date. Companies that do this on their own have to accept costs that exceed the membership fee many times over.      

You can find an overview of why your company should become a member of the HKI here.