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The manufacturers of coffee machines, deep fryers, cooking blocks, combi steamers and ventilation systems for commercial kitchens, among others, are organised in the Department of Catering Equipment. At present, almost 120 companies in the field of commercial kitchen equipment rely on the services of the association. With 29 thousand employees, they generate an annual turnover of around € 8.6 billion.

Political Positions - Catering Equipment

Climate Policy Positions Commercial Kitchen

Climate policy is unavoidable. However, in many areas there is a need for closer coordination between politics and the respective experts. Only in this way can the necessary expertise be developed in partnership, which is needed for goal-oriented solutions.

Political Positions - Catering Equipment

Ecodesign Catering Equipment

Ecodesign can also be useful for catering equipment. However, a great deal of expertise is required for implementation in order not to do more harm than good. The situation in commercial kitchens is much more complex than in household kitchens and cannot be compared to them.