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By now, the problem of air pollution caused by dust emissions from wood combustion has been significantly reduced by the introduction of the Ordinance on Small and Medium-Sized Combustion Plants (1. BImSchV) in recent years. Nevertheless, as in previous years, the HKI continues to promote an acceleration of the replacement of old appliances as well as the installation of modern low-emission and efficient wood-burning appliances that meet or even exceed the requirements according to stage 2 of the 1st BImSchV. The background to this is the still too high number of older appliances with outdated technology, which are certainly responsible for a not insignificant share of emissions. A consistent modernisation strategy and targeted investment incentives in the form of information campaigns in conjunction with subsidy programmes can counteract this development and encourage users of older appliances to replace them at an earlier stage. In addition, a maximum reduction of fine dust pollution through a nationwide introduction of advanced filter technology is a next and sensible step, which the association is happy to support, provided it is sufficiently developed. However, a nationwide introduction of emission reduction technology will only be effective if incentives in the form of state subsidies are offered by policymakers. In addition, there are still no recognised test requirements for emission control technologies (separators, catalytic converters, etc.). For this reason, the association is campaigning for an accompanying standard or technical rules - ideally at European level. These are absolutely necessary in order to guarantee customers and manufacturers of single room heating appliances safe and proper functioning.



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User behaviour

Proper operation significantly reduces particulate and other emissions

Political positions Heating and cooking appliances

Climate policy positions Heating and cooking appliances

Climate policy is essential. However, in many areas there is a need for closer coordination between politics and the respective experts. Only in this way can the necessary expertise be developed in partnership, which is needed for targeted solutions.

Political positions Heating and cooking appliances

Ecodesign heating and cooking appliances

When it comes to heating appliances, eco-design has achieved considerable successes. The increasingly ambitious will to regulate comes into conflict with technical feasibility and threatens this important CO2-neutral way of generating heat.