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The manufacturers of capital goods for commercial kitchens, as required in restaurants, hotels, casinos, hospitals, staff restaurants, refectories, takeaways and many other communal catering facilities, are represented by the Department of Catering Equipment in HKI.

The range of products offered by HKI members includes all products required for the installation and operation of a complete catering facility:

  • Large-scale cooking appliances
  • Combi steamers convection ovens and bakery ovens
  • Stainless steel products (standard equipment, refrigeration and counter technology, food distribution systems, individual plant construction)
  • Commercial beverage preparation equipment
  • Ventilation systems (ventilated kitchen ceilings and bonnets, UV-C systems, fire protection systems)
  • Services, accessories, components (e.g. EDP systems, water treatment, fittings)
  • Commercial dishwashing
  • Commercial food processors

The approximately 115 members of the Department of Catering Equipment represent an annual turnover of approx. 8.6 billion euros, which is characterised by different trends in the individual equipment groups. Both domestically and in export, the appliances of the technology-leading HKI members are appreciated. This is also reflected in the strong export share of more than 50 %.

The HKI Department of Catering Equipment cooperates with all relevant industry institutions at national and international level. On the European stage, the HKI is a founding member of EFCEM, the European Federation of Commercial Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers. EFCEM consists of 8 national associations that constantly deal with the common European problems of the industry in a spirit of partnership. As a recognised dialogue partner of the EU Commission and downstream authorities, EFCEM advises them on technical regulations.

In the trade fair sector, the HKI Association supports the leading trade fairs in Germany. In addition to the Internorga, the Intergastra in Stuttgart, the ISS GUT! in Leipzig and the ANUGA in Cologne are particularly worth mentioning here. Internationally, the HKI is involved in the official foreign trade fair programme of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Thanks to the collaboration of companies from the catering equipment and heating and cooking equipment sectors in the HKI Association, detailed statistics on turnover volumes and sales quantities can be kept in each trade group. In the process, the figures appear in aggregated form, so that the information provided by the individual companies remains anonymous. With the help of the statistics and their own data, each member company can determine its position in the market and compare the extent to which its economic development is in line with the general trend.


You can find the list of members of the Department of Catering Equipment here.

And here you can find an overview of which manufacturer offers which products.

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