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The DIN Standards Committee Heating and Cooking Equipment (FNH) was founded in 1948.

The economic sponsor of the committee is HKI Industrial Association of House, Heating and Kitchen Technology.

The working scope encloses on the one hand standardisation activities for household cooking and heating appliances, running with solid, liquid and gaseous fuels. It contains stoves and built in appliances, coal and oil ovens, open fire stoves, independent gas-fired space heaters, heating inserts for tiled stoves and fire places, woodpellet-fired independent heaters, water heaters and special appliances. On the other hand the FNH is concerned with the standardisation of appliances for commercial kitchen as used in hotels, catering trade, restaurants, casinos, hospitals, cafeterias and many other catering facilities. These are in particular: thermal catering equipment for commercial kitchen, large-scale kitchen equipment and steam equipment, equipment for commercial kitchens - components for ventilation, fire suppression systems, UV devises for commercial kitchens and stainless steel products.

You can find more information about the FNH here.