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In addition to the Gas Appliances Ordinance, which primarily relates to appliance safety, the DVGW and DVFG regulations are decisive for the installation of gas appliances in Germany. These include, in particular, the Technical Rules for Gas Installations (DVGW-TRGI or DVGW Worksheet G 600) and the Technical Rules for Liquid Gas (TRF). In the catering sector, the TRGI is supplemented by the DVGW Code of Practice G 631. Among other things, these regulations set requirements for the correct installation, combustion air supply and flue gas discharge of gas appliances. Manufacturers of gas appliances are affected by these regulations regarding the installation and operation of their appliances. In order to keep its members in this business field up to date, the association monitors these regulations, informs when they are revised and actively participates in the DVGW committees, thus representing the interests of its members.