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The European standards series EN 16282 "Equipment for commercial kitchens - Components for ventilation" specifies requirements for the layout, design, construction and operation of ventilation systems in commercial kitchens. As the sponsor of the external DIN standards committee "Heating, Cooking and Warming Appliances" (FNH), the HKI and its members are actively involved in the standardisation work and can inform their members at an early stage about changes, new publications and upcoming revisions.

National directives and ordinances relevant to the industry include the Model Ventilation Systems Directive, the Model Assembly Rooms Ordinance and the Ordinance on the Sweeping and Inspection of Systems. Among other things, these regulations set requirements for the operational and fire safety of ventilation systems in commercial kitchens. Manufacturers of kitchen ventilation systems are directly affected by these regulations during planning. In order to keep our members in this business sector up to date, the association monitors these regulations, informs when they are revised and represents the interests of its members in the respective committees.