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Power optimisation systems are used to btiefly disconnect individual catering kitchen appliances from the supply network during peak load periods. Together with its members, the HKI Association has developed a national standard (DIN 18875 Commercial kitchen appliances - power optimisation connection) that standardises the interface between a commercial kitchen appliance and a power optimisation system. Commercial kitchen equipment can in this way be integrated into an energy management system, whereby power peaks can be capped and electricity costs significantly reduced without disregarding aspects of hygiene and food safety. In addition, on the energy generation side, enormous savings can be achieved in peak power generation and the associated CO2 pollution. The connection to a power optimisation system also makes a positive contribution to sustainability. Other positive side effects are the more efficient use of electricity grids and the fact that users of catering equipment can be offered significantly cheaper electricity tariffs because they permanently avoid electricity peaks.

The association is currently in the process of raising DIN 18875 Commercial Kitchen Equipment - Power Optimisation Connection to the European level.