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HKI President Christiane Wodtke: "Innovative strength decisively determines the future of our country. The balance between ecology and economy is an important prerequisite for this."

The HKI Industrieverband Haus-, Heiz- und Küchentechnik e.V. met on the occasion of its annual general meeting on 8 and 9 May 2023 in Berlin. The industry association represents the interests of the heating and cooking equipment and large kitchen equipment trade associations with more than 230 members. Around 160 participants with representatives from politics, business and associations accepted the invitation to the HKI's festive event.

The highlight of the evening festive event on 8 May was the keynote speech by Parliamentary State Secretary Christian Kühn at the BMUV.

The lecture, a highly interesting reflection on the goals of the Federal Government, design of the necessary transformations in climate and energy policy. The openness towards the economic considerations and the possibilities of industry was encouraging. State Secretary Kühn expressed that it is exciting to see how small and medium-sized enterprises feel committed to climate protection and drive innovations.

The presence of Prof. Dr. Klaus Töpfer, former Federal Minister for the Environment and Executive Director of the UN Environment Programme, winner of the HKI Future Award 2022 and one of the fathers of the principle "ecology and economy must be considered equally", underlined the importance of the demand "balance between ecology and economy".

"Shaping the future with innovations", was the appeal of President Christiane Wodtke. "Openness to technology is an indispensable prerequisite for our business location. Nothing stifles innovation more than excessive dirigisme. Politicians should have more confidence in the innovative strength and the will to innovate, especially among small and medium-sized enterprises, and also promote them.

HKI President Christiane Wodtke emphasised: "The appearance of politicians at industry events underlines the commitment of value-oriented politicians who are committed to society and the importance of constructive dialogue between politics and business - for this, my thanks."

In subsequent discussions, Frank Kienle, General Manager of the HKI Industrieverband, explained that the association is prepared for the challenges and will actively accompany the process - together with its members - both in discussions with politicians and in national and European committees.

Christiane Wodtke's résumé: "Politics - science - society have to work out solutions together and assume social responsibility".