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The action alliance for individual heating "Freie Wärme" (free heat), of which HKI is a member, advocates in public for the free choice of heating technology by the owner. The Action Alliance rejects state intervention in the heating market, such as compulsory connection and use of monopolistically structured heating networks (local and district heating) or local combustion bans for individual energy sources. In dialogue with the municipalities and the affected residents, standard solutions are regularly examined and, if necessary, discussed, and advice and practicable alternatives are presented together with the local trade.

Particularly in view of the fact that a successful energy transition cannot be achieved with just one technology, the Action Alliance advocates openness in terms of technology. Thus, on the way tot he common climate goal, all available technologies must first be considered. This is entirely in the spirit of a free market economy. Unfortunately, in many regions, in addition to decentralised heating with heat generators in the buildings, there is centralised building heating via heating networks. In this context, the Action Alliance advocates an economic and economical heat supply. Residents should be able to choose a heat supply tailored to their individual needs - without a contractually regulated obligation to connect and use - taking into account cost and environmental aspects. Especially since the District Heating Ordinance allows suppliers to conclude contracts that bind customers for ten years.

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