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The "Initiative Holzwärme" (Wood Heat Initiative) actively participates in the energy policy discourse on the sustainable and domestic resource wood and its contribution to climate protection. Primarily because of its climate friendliness and efficiency, it is replacing classic fossil fuels such as oil and gas in many places. The initiative is supported by Parliamentary State Secretary Thomas Bareiß of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). The HKI is also a partner in this initiative.

In Germany, for example, about 13 % of the final energy consumption of the German heating market is covered by renewable energies. Of this, about 65 % (120 TWh) can be attributed to wood energy, which thus accounts for about five percent of Germany's total final energy consumption. In addition, wood energy alone secures about 45,000 jobs along its value chain.

In addition, about 34,000 forestry enterprises with about 68,000 employees generate a turnover of more than 5 billion euros nationwide. All in all, the industrial network and the numerous occupational fields related to wood are huge and an important location factor in many regions of Germany.

The Wood Heat Initiative promotes wood as a sustainable fuel. It describes the potential of wood heat without which the formulated climate goals cannot be achieved. It presents ideas and concepts for a sustainable, efficient and clean use of the renewable energy wood in combination with an efficient combustion technology as a basis for active climate protection. The decisive factor here is that the technology becomes more established. Thus, with the help of the latest combustion technology and modern emission reduction technologies, a regional value chain is created from which everyone benefits, including the climate. Meanwhile, a broad alliance of representative associations and institutions supports the initiative and represents it before politicians.

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