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In order to be able to operate a solid fuel fireplace and a ventilation system in a building or a utilisation unit together, the legal basis has already been established in the past. Nevertheless, there were and still are problems with the practical implementation of joint operation in the buildings or units of use.

In order to remedy the problems in practice, the HKI Association invited the experts of the associations of the respective trades to discuss the topic across all sectors and to point out possibilities for improvement. It became clear that misunderstandings, overlaps and gaps in responsibility often occur when linking or combining different trades. In the end, the participants drew up an "overview of the joint operation of fireplaces for solid fuels and ventilation systems as well as ventilation units".

This overview presents the possibilities for joint operation due to the legal requirements (TROL, DIN 1946-6, administrative regulations and firing ordinances of the federal states, etc.) and provides information which declarations and documentation must be submitted to the authorized chimney sweep for acceptance under state law.

The overview also lists possible variants of the joint operation of solid fuel fireplaces, ventilation systems as well as ventilation units and any necessary safety devices.

Together with some partners of the expert panel, practice-oriented information materials for end consumers and craftsmen are currently being developed. The focus here is on the simple presentation of the complex content. The documents are provided both as a classic handout and as a digital version.