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The chimney is the engine of a fireplace. It only makes individual heat planning possible. In addition, chimney connections in single-family houses, but also in apartments of apartment buildings, increase the value of the property and thus have an influence on the sale.

Nevertheless, the chimney often falls victim to the red pencil. Because in order to save costs, house providers sometimes do without the chimney. They prefer to put the heat generator under the roof (gas boiler). The disadvantages of this cheap solution only become apparent after moving into the house. Since habits, feelings, the financial situation or opinions change, among other things, you often get to the point where the chimney suddenly plays an important role and you are then faced with the question of retrofitting it. Sooner or later, many property owners want another heat source in addition to central heating, such as a fireplace, in which comfort and independence are the focus. Against this background, anyone planning a new building should think of the chimney, as the subsequent installation is associated with considerable additional effort.

For example, a multi-speed chimney costs only 1 to 2% of the construction sum. It creates the condition that the house is always sufficiently warm, because an additional fireplace, tiled or wood stove / pellet stove generates sufficient basic heat in the event of a malfunction.

The initiative is specifically aimed at:

  • Citizens
  • Architects, planners and energy consultants
  • Trade, industry and crafts
  • Contractors and developers
  • Politician
  • Economy and science

Every citizen should have the opportunity today and in the future to heat individually and to be able to choose his or her heat source freely.