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Building Information Modelling describes a planning method for the execution and management of buildings with the help of software. Relevant building but also equipment data are digitally recorded, combined and networked. This has a positive impact on project handling in the planning process in terms of costs, deadlines and sustainability. In this way, BIM also creates the basis for a digital twin, as all relevant data is captured digitally via the BIM method and can then be mirrored on a virtual level.

This working method is also becoming increasingly important in the planning of commercial kitchens. Manufacturers of commercial kitchen technology as well as specialist planners of commercial kitchens must address the issue to avoid the risk of losing contracts in the future.

In cooperation with other international associations, the HKI Association is developing guidelines on how to generate uniform standardised BIM content for commercial kitchens. The association is also actively involved in the work on the IFSE Parameter Data Dictionary. The IFSE Parameter Data Dictionary defines the parameters to be used for the creation of BIM families in the commercial kitchen sector.

Further information on BIM in the commercial kitchen sector can be found on the specially created website

(IFSE = International Food Service Equipment)