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Every product is subject to a multitude of regulations, directives and laws worldwide with which it must comply. Especially nowadays, it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to keep track of all relevant regulations, directives and laws. The monitoring of this multitude of national and European regulations and directives that the producing appliance industry has to take into account is a standard service of the HKI Industry Association and includes the entirety of all processes and measures to place a specific appliance on the national and European market.

As an additional service, worldwide product group-specific monitoring for regulations and directives can be taken advantage of within the framework of HKI membership against reimbursement of costs.

In a weekly rhythm, the HKI office informs the users of the service about changes in the regulations and directives that are relevant for the manufacturers in the individual sales markets in relation to their product group. Monitoring is currently possible for thermal appliances, refrigerators and coffee machines. Other appliance groups can also be monitored on request.

The following additional sales markets can be monitored via this service.