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Against the background of the recommendation for the regulation of sixteen product groups of commercial kitchens in studies for the Ecodesign Working Plan of the European Commission, HKI is investigating the life cycle assessment of commercial cooking appliances under consideration of usage scenarios. In the context of ecodesign regulation, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is used to weigh different technologies of cooking zones (radiant heat, induction, etc.) against each other. This raises the questions: Is the correct LCA possibly also dependent on the type of use of an applied technology? Is this sufficiently taken into account in the LCA? If so, technology openness should not be abandoned. Is induction used for dynamic use and thermal radiation for a longer use? Is it possible that one type of use is discriminated against by an Ecodesign regulation - with disadvantages for customers or health?

Such questions are discussed in the HKI working groups and in cooperation with universities. This results in the positions that HKI represents vis-à-vis institutions - for example in the EU legislative process.