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Energy is the elementary foundation of all prosperity. Besides electricity, however, energy also includes mobility and heat. And unfortunately, the production and use of energy is often associated with the generation of CO2. This makes it all the more important to use resources responsibly. The HKI has stood for this for decades. Whether with CO2-neutral wood heat or with energy-efficient catering equipment. The member companies of the HKI Association and their products are part of the solution to the climate problem. Through a wide variety of initiatives, the association supports its members in promoting and documenting energy efficiency.


Energy efficiency of commercial cooking appliances

So far, in the area of commercial kitchen appliances, only refrigerators have been affected by the energy label and an eco-design regulation. However, this will probably change in the foreseeable future. The focus is currently on commercial cooking appliances.


Hybrid heat - technology of the future

Heat pumps are still considered the solution for the heat transition. However, they reach their limits in terms of energy efficiency at cold temperatures.


User behaviour

In terms of energy efficiency, it is crucial how the user operates the appliances. This is even more crucial than the energy efficiency of the appliances themselves.