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According to the Federal Association of Chimney Sweeps - Central Guild Association (ZIV), there are over 11 million single room heating appliances in Germany (sources: ZIV survey, HKI estimates), which - increasingly with the most modern combustion technology - also support or relieve the central heating system on cold evenings.

Since the majority of emissions are produced during the combustion process, the focus with regard to emission reduction was particularly on primary measures (design measures), such as the use of the most modern materials, flow-systematised combustion air and flue gas routing. With success: for example, an optimised air supply and innovative combustion chamber linings reduce emissions by up to 85 % compared to old appliances.

Modern control and sensor technology that regulates the combustion itself without any intervention by the operator once again confirms the high degree of innovation in the industry. Faulty operation is thus virtually impossible. The appliance achieves a high degree of efficiency and heats much more effectively, as it always reaches the required temperatures and wood is saved. Together with the latest emission reduction technology (so-called secondary measures), fine dust and other emissions are significantly minimised. This makes heating even more sustainable and environmentally friendly overall.