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The networking and digitalisation of equipment is a topic that is gradually gaining in importance in commercial kitchens and will become indispensable in the future. Digitisation plays an essential role not only in the operation of a commercial kitchen, but also already in the planning process of commercial kitchens through the increased use of the planning method Building Information Modelling. With this planning method, equipment data of a commercial kitchen appliance is digitally transferred to the commercial kitchen planner, who can then use it for the overall design of the commercial kitchen. Here, the HKI, together with other international associations, is developing guidelines on how to create BIM content for the commercial kitchen so that planners can work with it in a sensible way. 

In addition, the networking of equipment and the resulting flexibility in use continue to determine developments in the commercial kitchen. These topics are also essential for a more efficient and sustainable operation of commercial kitchens. Open, non-proprietary interfaces are needed so that cross-manufacturer and cross-device networking is possible without further ado. The HKI Association, together with its members, has therefore developed DIN/TS 18898, a standard that lays the foundations for open, cross-manufacturer and cross-device networking. 

Processes in commercial kitchens are often also determined by other areas, such as merchandise management. It is important to deal with open standardised interfaces at an early stage here as well, so that value-added services can be implemented easily. Here, too, the association is currently in the process of developing and defining possible solutions with its members.

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